Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Week @ a Glance

Monday ~ drop boys @ sitter
dentist apt
prepared my lesson for Joy school ,
was asked to take mother-in-law to dr. in afternoon
find a sitter for the boys
got a flat tire
Tuesday ~ kids arrive at my house at 9 am,
tow truck comes to get the Tahoe around 10 am,
I call Discount Tire to make sure they know it's coming
I can't come with it.
They are rude to me on the phone-I call John
continue lesson
sitter calls and says her kids are sick :(
mother-in-law calls to see if I can still take her,
I tell her my dilemma,
she can't find anyone else to take her
If I can get to her house we can take her car
moms come to get their kids and I recruit help
one can take the boys,
the other can drive me to where I need to go
driver picks us up around 1:40
drop the boys off late
drop me off late
get m-in-l in car and speed to appointment
we make it just one minuet early
take her back home
keep the car
go home install car seats
pick up boys
go home- wait for john- go to Discount and pick up Tahoe
exchange words w/ clerk
drop off car @ m-in-l's
go home-eat-put boys in bed
Kaleb won't stay-bring him downstairs
Second counselor arrives to release me from my calling
lay by kaleb to get him to sleep
exhausted!! sleepWed ~ FHE group
cut hair
low key
Thur ~ Kids arrive
mom's pick kids up
watch sister's kids last minuet
mom picks up kids
hair appt arrives
Put Zach and Kaleb to bed for naps
Put Kaleb to bed again- and again
leaves and takes Zach to play with son
Zach comes back home
John comes home
eat dinner
go to cooking group
come home go to bed
Fri ~ Visiting Teachers
Low key day finally!!
find babysitter
succeed :)
date night!
dinner and a movie (Motu's Tahitian grill and game plan)
take sitter home
go home and sleep
Sat ~ Go to temple with youth and do baptisms for the dead
get home and take a nap
eat dinner
pick up Alisha
go to Gen. Relief Society Broadcast
go get ice cream w/ Alisha and the girls
Target (new shirts)
drop Alisha off-go home
go to bedSun ~ Church
get released
sub for sunbeams
home- dinner- help john put up shelves
the rest is to be determined...

ps glad this week is over!!