Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is for my Grandpa Ray.
I used to call him Grumpa, mainly because he pretended to be grumpy. He was so fun, always teasing us and calling the girls, boys and the boys, girls.
My parents gave me the middle name of Ray after him, and I love it, I always have, the spelling and everything.
When I was younger I was trying to come up with baby names, (I had a lot of free time when I was younger) and I would make up names. I had pages of them. I tried making up names from the first letter or the last letter of each of my siblings: CMMBBA, AECTEA, or a combination of the two. I think I had come up with something that wasn't too bad, but I've since forgotten it.
One name stood out as a real contender, Raylee. It's my Grandpas' name, first and middle. Then as time went on I realized that my "twin" cousin (we are exactly the same age, give or take a few hours) has the middle name of Leigh, and of course my middle name is Ray. Rayleigh.
As time went on the name evolved more, I worked with a girl named Rae and I really liked the spelling. Raeleigh.
I had thought of a couple of middle names that sounded nice with it as well: Ann and Dawn.
I just hoped my husband would love it as much as I. Turns out he did and he liked Dawn, for the middle name (it's my youngest sisters middle name), better as well. Raeleigh Dawn.
We just needed the baby to go with the name, and she finally came. After two boys, we got our girl, and she fits her name nicely.
This is the three of us in June of this year.
We were lucky enough to make a short visit while were there. His health is failing and he may not be with us much longer. He doesn't remember much, but when my mom told him we named our baby after him he was thrilled. I love that.
I am honored to carry his name and to have passed it on to my baby.
I love you Grandpa Ray!
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