Friday, June 20, 2008


Here are the kids!

Auralee, Zachery, Elijah
Taryn, Kaleb, LillyAnne

Auralee and Taryn belong to Carla and Lucas. Zach, Kaleb, and Raeleigh, of course belong to John and I. Eli and LillyAnne belong to Brant and Nadine.
I love how you can capture so much of their personalities through pictures. They are all so cute and a little mischievous.

Brothers and Sisters minus one

This is US!!
Me, w/Raeleigh, Marc, Carla, Alisha, and Brant. Brianne was there in spirit.
Marc w/the guitar
Carla w/her camera
Brant in the glider, and Nadine debating on what to take a picture of next

Marc and Eli
It was a lot of fun having them here, I just wish we had more time with each other.

Swimming Lessons

the boys have had swimming lessons for the past four weeks and they
have had a lot of fun in the water. Kaleb, my 2 1/2 yr old,
is fearless, which is very scary. Zach, my 4 yr old, is timid
and has to be pulled in.
this is kaleb diving in
always head first
Zach climbing out
Zach on the side seeing what Kaleb is doing
Kaleb taking his turn.
Kaleb will dive for toys at the bottom of the pool and retrieve them (with a little help getting to the bottom). Zach is very reluctant just putting his face in the water. Kaleb would be the reason we never will own a pool. he loves to jump off the diving board and almost did yesterday with no one to catch him. I about had a heart attach. I wish I would have remembered my camera for that day :(