Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My variation of Grandma Lillies' salsa

10 tomatoes
1 large sweet onion
3 cans of diced tomatoes w/roasted garlic
2 cans tomato paste
3 Tbs sugar
3 Tbs white vinegar
1 bunch chopped cilantro
1 Tbs salt6 jalapenos
3 habanero peppers (for HOT salsa)
1 pair of latex gloves6-7 qt containers or jars

1. Roast or blacken all peppers either in the broiler or over an open flame. All sides need to be blistered or black. Set aside in a paper bag or a bowl covered w/ plastic wrap.

2. Dice all the tomatoes, put into a large bowl. Dice Onion (I put it in the food processor), add to tomatoes. Add the rest of the ingredients except the peppers.

3. Split into two batches, one for med and one for hot.

4. Put your gloves on. Take your peppers and a knife and peel the blackened skin off the peppers. Once you've done that cut the stem off and de-seed and de-vain the peppers. If you want even hotter salsa leave the seeds and veins in.

5. For the med salsa, take 4 of the jalapeno peppers and chop them and put them in the food processor with half of one batch and chop on low for 1 min. Add back to batch and mix. Set aside.

6. For the hot salsa,take the remaining jalapeno peppers and the habanero peppers and add to the food processor with half of the remaining tomato mixture and chop on low for 1 min. (I usually process all of the hot so I can tell the difference between the hot and the mild, also on how chunky you like your salsa) Add back to remaining batch and mix.

7. You can can the salsa or eat it fresh,and share if you like. You need several containers to store it. Keep it refrigerated if you don't plan on canning. Makes 6-7 quarts.

Great for parties


Friday, June 26, 2009


This is my BFF! We've been besties since the 4th grade.
That's a long time, and not all of it's been great, but we are still good friends.
We met for lunch when we were in town a couple of weeks ago and we got to meet her fiance'. I'm so happy that she is happy, and I can't wait to see her again.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silly Faces

My kids are so good at making silly faces.
its funny except when you want to take a nice normal picture.
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but if you catch them at the right moment, it's so worth it.
I love how Raeleigh is playing peek-a-boo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


He's too young, I say!
Zach lost his first tooth a couple weeks back, and I almost cried.
My little boy is growing up,
and his new tooth has already made its appearance.

Showing me his tooth for the camera.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

I love my dad!

He is a great man, father, and grandfather.

I hope your day was great!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

My baby's birthday

Well since we've moved I haven't spent much time blogging and I have a lot of make-up blogging to do.
Firstly, Raeleigh turned one!
She is such a cutie-pie, I just love her.
She is a blessing to our family, it's so much fun to have her around.
she's got the cutest personality, she is so silly at times, she makes us all laugh.
She is defanitly a Bierman, soooooo much energy!

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My poor Bubba

Kaleb fell today.
He cut open his chin.
He had to get two stitches,
And super-glued back together.
My poor Bubba had a tough day, today.

But it didn't keep him down.
Then again, not much can.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Over at http://thepolka-dotdaisy/ Tanielle is having a give away, thought it would be fun to share. It's about none other than puke/barf/chunks/throw-up and any other synonym you can come up with. Your most embarrassing barf moment!

I have a good story. My first pregnancy was horrible, and I puked a lot. My story, however, is about my second. I was eating breakfast one morning, I don't remember how far along I was (maybe 3 months), but the milk from the cereal and my allergies were not a good combination for that particular morning, or any other for that matter. Anyhow, that combination sent me running to the nearest bathroom. I didn't make it. Puke everywhere, and to boot, I slipped in it and went straight back and hit my head. After about a day or so of severe headaches and nausea, I ended up in the ER, only to find out I had a minor concussion. I had to sit there for a few hours with a neck brace on, which didn't help matters any, because when I'm pregnant, I can't have things on or near my neck, it makes me feel like I'm gonna puke. After a month or so, I finally felt better, however that may be when you are prego!

With the first pregnancy I also went to the ER because I couldn't stop puking, couldn't keep anything down. That was not good either, but thank goodness for little pills like zofran. They allowed me to work, I was still nauseous, but they kept me from puking all the time.