Monday, September 29, 2008


Please help! I need advice. Kaleb is biting. Not just little nibbles, but almost blood drawing bites. It seems to happen when there's a struggle over a toy or something, and moms are out of the room. This is not good. He is a strong willed kid, very active, and a bit possesive(maybe cause he is now the middle child). Anyway, I don't know how to deal with it and any advise would be helpful. So thank you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Right under our noses!

It happened AGAIN!!

My poor couch is getting some miles on it and it has been in our family for only a short time.
If you are wondering, or can't see in the picture, child #2 stuck again! This time it was with a pen! Right under our noses!

So let me break it down for you:
Husband comes home to wonderful wife (cooking dinner) and beautiful, but mischievous, children.
Gives love all around.
Comes to tell me about his day and all about the financial crisis that our nation is in. While doing so decides to record the Presidents address to the Nation on such crisis. Upon doing so, looks over to discover previous offender (Kaleb) between the couches scribbling on the couch WITH A PEN!!!
What happened, we were right there the whole time! How did we not see him?!
At first all we saw was a tiny mark, no biggie, we can hide that, right?
I know my son better than that. I continue to look at the couches.
John asks: "what are you doing?"
Me: "looking for more, I'm sure there's more."
Sure enough, same couch as last time, blue ink scribbles ALL OVER the couch!
Oh never mind, why, how do we get it out. Go get "my new best friend", it's at Alisha's.
So while John was out fetching the little green, and Kaleb was in time out, I felt a little tug to Google "how to get ink out of furniture." The first site that popped up was Ink on Microfiber Furniture at
So what did it say?
Rubbing Alcohol.
So I find our rubbing alcohol, stored neatly above the stove, and a wash cloth, and go at it.
It was so easy, it came right up.
Thank you for the prompting, and thank you Internet, without you I would be questioning our purchase of the mess-resistant microfiber furniture. Which certainly is being put to the test, as well as my patience.
Another note:
Thankfully, I was done cooking dinner and didn't forget to turn it off, or we may have had a "strike two" to add to my blog.
Oh and we finally let Kaleb out of time out, much to his relief, I'm sure. I tell ya I was prepared to leave him there all night.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Strike One!

So in my feeble attempt to read the instructions clearly,
I set the oven temp 100 degrees higher than it should have been.
So I had very burnt cookies very fast.

Thankfully my second attempt came out much better!

My house smelled like burnt cookies all night.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Although this is probably not a true juxtaposition I just like the sound of the word and thought it would be a good title.

Here is my issue: I am the go-to gal for those in need in my ward and a very busy mom. I really like my calling but the fun parts have been given to others and the hard parts are left to me. It's nice to know that we are a close knit group of sisters and we know we can rely on each other, but where is the line drawn? The line of how much can we rely on each other and how much should we do ourselves. What about those that rely on others to do it all for them but can do some for themselves but won't. What about those that need the help and don't feel like they can or should ask for it. I know it's a matter of agency at times, and we are stuck with our consequences.

I feel very hesitant to call others for help for just myself, but now I call for other women who need help. When my number pops up on the caller ID do people not answer because they know what I'm calling for? Or are they really just not home? I wish I had a bubbly infectious personality, one that it would be hard to say no to. Then would I be the one taking advantage? These women do need help, and I am the one chosen to find it for them, but only when they are in "the mire" so to speak. What happens when I am the one in "the mire"? I am only two months into this thing and I already feel I have become annoying.

I know this is a small part of the Lords work and I'll keep doing what I can, and by doing hopefully I can overcome the feelings of anxiety and frustration and the thoughts doubt and despair.

It all was just getting to me today, thanks for letting me get it off my chest.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Beautiful Baby Girl

What can I say, these pics speak for themselves ;)
I am a bit partial though.
I love to watch babies sleeping, they are so peaceful.

She is so active and alert when she is awake,
I love talking to her,
she is a gabber, and can carry on a conversation in her own right.
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