Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Dun It?

*The Suspects*

*The Crime*

*The Culprit*

*The Deduction*

Child #1: Could have done it but had no evidence to back up charges (no traces of chocolate on him)
Child #3: Had a solid alibi - she can't walk, and I was changing her diaper upstairs during the crime
Child #2: It really is obvious isn't it - he was caught red handed (or should I say chocolate handed), holding the bottle, drawing a "racecar track" (I just recently found that out) for his cars to drive on.

*The Remedy*

My new best friend!
This machine works great! It was a good investment, not only have we cleaned chocolate out of a couch, but lotion out of the carpet as well! I am sure that's not the last of it either, my stairs need cleaned as well. Now if I could just find someone willing to do them for me...

Yeah, I know, it's all me.
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Ice Cream Faces

MMM, Mmm, mmm
the joys of eating ice cream

I scream, you scream,
we all scream,
for Ice Cream!!

Kaleb enjoying his cone thoroughly

Zach looks like he's getting full

I love ice cream too, but the way these boys attacked their cones says it all!
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My first video post

this is my first attempt at posting a video. I hope it works.

it took forever to load, but she's a cutie and worth the wait. Kaleb tried to take the camera at one point because he wanted to see pics of himself eating ice cream and pics of some race cars that we took at John's company Christmas party. I'll have to post the ice cream pics in another post.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Kaleb running in my grandparents yard
more running
and jumping
and pushing
and walking
One of my favorite times of the year is when we get to spend some time in Luna with my grandparents. I love the Mountains, and all the family we see at the reunions. This year because of all the rain, there was actually water in the creek, and quite a bit of it. We let the kids play in it, and it just brought back a lot of memories of days gone by. *sigh* One of these days we'll actually camp out up there for the full experience. What I'd really like to do is get a good sized pop-up camper, so even if it rains we could still camp and be comfortable. I want to be able to expose my children, and husband for that matter, to the enjoyment of a simple vacation. Just camping out, roasting hot-dogs and marshmallows, playing in the creek, going on nature hikes, swinging on the tree swing, and getting to know ALL of their extended family as well as possible. We all grow up and move on, but when they are still little I want to bring the enjoyment of the small town and camping into their lives.