Thursday, January 31, 2008

Double Blah

So thankfully we are all over the stomach flu and the head colds + ear infections. I will tell you they are no fun, the worst is being thrown up on over and over. I had to cancel hair appointments, and take a trip to the urgent care, (with both boys on a Sunday) for the ear infection. Thankfully all that is over now and I get to deal with two rambunctious little boys who have a hard time listening to me.

In other news...the results came back for my three hour glucose test, and as I expected, three out of four tests were high. So, I am officially a gestational diabetic. Which means a strict diet of low to no sugar, low carbs and starches, and low fruit. I can have more vegetables, and protein, and some fat (the healthy kind, like extra virgin olive oil). So I'll be extra healthy, other than my body not being able to regulate my sugar intake, because it's not producing enough insulin. Blah, and double blah. any how, I should be used to it, but I really hope that after I am done having babies (maybe one more after this one) that it goes away forever...

...but I seriously doubt it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Flu

Well no pics this time, but what we do have is the stomach flu. Kaleb started puking yesterday and seems to be OK this morning, other than a little constipation. Zach started puking this morning, and so far is keeping down a piece of toast. I had to trade with another mom for tomorrows Joy School, and Zach will be staying home. I also had to cancel my two hair appointments for today and one you could tell was not too happy about it, because her birthday is on Friday and I can't get her in before that. The other was quite understanding (she has kids, the other doesn't). Hopefully this bug will be out of our systems by the end of tomorrow. I have enrichment tomorrow night, and I would really like to go. Plus, my sister and her girls are coming over on Friday as well as a few other kids I take care of on Fridays. We will be short a few this week because I couldn't trade today, so that will help with stresses and such, although her kids are pretty laid back, so it wouldn't have mattered.

In other news, I got "the call" today, my test results came back high. They want me to come back in for the three hour test on Monday at 7:30 in the morning. For any of you that have never had to take this test, it's absolutely awful. You can't have anything but water to drink from midnight till the test, so you go in fasting. When you get there they take your blood then make you drink an orange flavored syrup, that is 100 grams of sugar or the equivalent in some other form, and then make you sit for an hour and take your blood again. Then you go back and sit for another hour, take your blood, and for one last agonizing hour you go back and sit until the hour is up and they take your blood and you can go get something to eat, with protein, and go home. I was able to get out of it last time with Kaleb, but no such luck this time. With Zach I was able to take my mother in law with me, but unfortunately she is sick and has her sister and brother-in-law with her everywhere she goes. So I don't think it would be to pleasent for anyone involved, if they were to come. I don't know who else I could bring, John is taking care of the boys until he can take them to the sitters, and then he has to go to work. I'll figure it out, wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Me in all my Glory

These are pictures of me at 22 weeks. I'm halfway there!
I hope they show up well enough.

I took my glucose tollerance test yesterday and everything seemed to go well, except it made me feel like crap and almost pass out, but other than that, the baby's movement is good and I seem to be growing fine, and the baby's heart-rate is really good as well. The Rh E antibodies are still low enough not to be worried about, and we'll see this next week if my glucose test came back high. My Doctor said they would call if it's high and won't if it's not, so no news is good news. I still have to watch my diet and keep checking my blood, just in case. If the test comes back normal then we will do it again, just to make sure, because my history is a pretty bad one with gestational dieabetes.