Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Me in all my Glory

These are pictures of me at 22 weeks. I'm halfway there!
I hope they show up well enough.

I took my glucose tollerance test yesterday and everything seemed to go well, except it made me feel like crap and almost pass out, but other than that, the baby's movement is good and I seem to be growing fine, and the baby's heart-rate is really good as well. The Rh E antibodies are still low enough not to be worried about, and we'll see this next week if my glucose test came back high. My Doctor said they would call if it's high and won't if it's not, so no news is good news. I still have to watch my diet and keep checking my blood, just in case. If the test comes back normal then we will do it again, just to make sure, because my history is a pretty bad one with gestational dieabetes.


meghannamarie said...

You look good! congrats on the new baby do you find out what you are having or is it a suprise?

meghannamarie said...

Ok I am a dork I just scrolled on your blog and found out you are haveing a girl! Congrats on that. Girls are fun but my oldest happens to be on her period most of the month and she is only 8!!!

Mechelle said...

wow! That's really early to be menstrating, poor thing. Have the doctors said why?

Candace said...

so dang cute!

Koi said...

Hey skinny girl. You really do look cute preggers. Most people hate that comment.
Megan's funny, Michelle is not actually menstruating, she just acts like it. Super grouchy and emotional all the time.
We still need to get together, like all of us or something. How long has it been since Karla has seen anyone? Tell her I said Hi!.