Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am sad today for a good friend. She lost her baby too soon. Only the Lord knows why. This is her second to return, before she got to know them on this earth, but the love she has for those little spirits lives strong. I know, and she knows, that she and her husband will be reunited one day and they will be able to raise them. It will be the sweetest reunion. You are wonderful Trish, the Spirit of God is with you, and He will guide you and comfort you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In other News

As you may recall I had made a New Years Resolution, at the beginning of the new year. That goal, was not only to get pregnant, but to have a baby, this year. I think I should have just made the goal to get pregnant, thinking back on it. I wanted to be healthy, and know what to expect, other than a baby. In March I found out I am prediabetic, so I joined the gym in April, and was trying to be religious about going. I was doing well, at least until I got sick with the stomach flu. That was the second week in May, and after three days of the yuckies, I still wasnt feeling well so I went to see the Doc. I was having quite a bit of stomach pain and The Doc ordered an ultrasound on my abdomen. I found out the cause of all the pain was from Gallstones! That made sense, and surgery seemed to be the only option, but from my research there were some symptoms that I was having that were not common for Gallstones. A few days later, I was out with my Mom and Sister and decided to stop and get a pregnancy test. My Sister decided I should take one at her house to see. I did and I am!! Great News! BUT, now what? Still in pain...

I talked to my Doc, and they said they can still do the surgery, but I need to see a Surgeon. The Surgeon said in the second trimester. My OB said between 12 and 24 weeks and had determined I was about 8 weeks.

Side note: My due date is Dec. 25th, Christmas Day! But We'll see. Due dates are subject to change.

I have my first ultrasound next friday, so we'll see if it changes any, if it does then that will extend the waiting period to get the gallbladder out.

Piece of advice: never say "How could it get any worse" in any situation, because it can, and it will. I'm proof of that!