Friday, March 11, 2011

Bryce and Mommy

Have I told you how AWESOME my sister Alisha is?
Well she. is. Awesome.
She is a budding photographer in the Phoenix area, so if you would like to have your photos done, she is available but space is filling up fast! Go to to see more.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sweet Baby Boy!

Bryce John Bierman
born December 14, 2010
he weighed 6lbs 10ozs and 20in long

We love him So much!
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Pregnancy Photos

I had pregnancy photos taken by my wonderful sister.
Go HERE to see more.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 1/2 months

This is me after a long day on a plane to Baltimore, then a less long car ride down to DC.

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More pics to come of our trip.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess What!

It's a BOY!!!
We are naming him
Bryce John Bierman

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Acute Pancreatitis

I think that's what they called it, but whatever it was, it was as painful as full on labor with no relief.

A week and a day after I had been home from my surgery, I was relaxing on my couch, just finishing up Pride and Prejudice, when as I sat up I got a HUGE pain in my stomach. I ran to the bathroom seeking relief, but none came. It just got worse. I was feeling like I had been stabbed, the pain went through to my back and up my right shoulder. I layed down on the floor to overcome with pain to cry out for help, I prayed that my kids would find me and get their dad.

After about 10 mins of crying, sweating and writhing on the floor, my oldest came to save the day. He ran and woke daddy from his nap (he had been at the hospital with his mom since 5am for a surgery she was having that morning).

Daddy came running, and tried his best to help me. But NOTHING helped. After numerous phone calls to people who might be able to help, and no answers, he called 911. They rushed to my aid and I am so grateful! I had to go on my own, but I am in turn grateful for Tommy and Alisha for relieving John so he could come to the hospital to be with me.

In the ambulance, the pain continued, and the paramedic was finally cleared to give me morphine. It helped, but the pain was still there. When we arrived at the hospital, they took blood, and a urine sample and gave me more morphine and nausea meds to help ease my pain. It worked this time. Then they sent me off to get an ultrasound. When we got back, the blood results had come in, bad news.


Side note: your pancreas is located behind your stomach, towards your back. So that explains the location of the pain. It made sense.

They said that I had to stay. I was admitted on Thursday afternoon and didn't get to come home 'til Sunday morning.

Things we found out in the hospital: my liver enzymes were really high, in the 500's, they are supposed to be below 80, I think. My white blood cells were high, don't know the count. My Lipase levels were high, in the 200's, not sure what the normal levels are. My potassium levels were very low, not sure where they were but that's the only thing they were able to resolve completely while I was there, other than the pain.

There is no medical treatment for pancreatitis, no cure, the only thing that will help is called NPO. That means no food or drink. Seriously.

I was on fluids through an IV for the whole stay and was able to try jello and broth twice, and finally before they released me I was able to have breakfast.

I saw three different types of doctors: GI, Surgeons, and the Hospital Docs. My OB was informed but the baby seemed fine so he didn't come. They all were very attentive and concerned with my condition. As were the Nurses.

I am so grateful for all their help.

The funny (not funny, ha ha, funny strange) thing is the GI doc said it was caused by a rogue gallstone that escaped before the surgery, but they never found it. Even after an MRI, they found nothing. The surgeons thought it was a combination of things, one being my diabetes.

Whatever it was, or is, I hope the pain doesn't come back.

I still have elevated liver enzymes, lipase, and white cell count, but they are going down.

If you want to know more about the Pancreas and it's functions, which as it happens, are very important, go here .

I never did get to finish my movie. :(

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's up with me?

What to say, what to say!

It's been a crazy month to be sure!

First, the kids and I went and visited my Grandparents for a combined birthday party/family reunion weekend. They asked me to make the cakes so we went up early. Good thing too, but due to poor planning, I ran low on icing and had to stretch it. They turned out ok looking, but thankfully they tasted great! I loved seeing all my family that came, but was sad 'cause my kids got sick and had a rough time, therefore I had a rough time. Some of my family said I needed therapy, which I might, and some just talked about us to other people, instead of telling me their concerns. Typical. Oh well.

Second, our primary had it's summer activity. It was about being active and healthy, mind, body and spirit. I was in charge of the healthy eating portion. Funny, because I have to watch my diet so closely, it was perfect. Although I didn't feel well that morning and was late getting there, we still made it and the kids loved it.

Third, a trip to visit my brother Marc, his wife Candace, and baby Corgan in Toledo, Ohio! Loved the time I was able to spend with them, and glad I was able to witness his blessing. I was all by my lonesome on this trip, no kids or hubby :( but I did have my sister Alisha, my brother Brant, and my Mom and Dad, and of course Marc and Candace and Corgan. It is a beautiful place, very green, but very humid. Alisha and I took a rental to Chicago from Toledo. Beautiful!!! I would love to live out there, of course where it's less humid. Oh the green and all the trees, and all that grass!! Just lovely!

Fourth, the Fourth, of July that is! Could have been better. I responded to family member who was upset with us and should have let it be. That is all I will say about that.

Fifth, Surgery. Not ever my favorite thing, I can't understand people who get addicted to this stuff. Grant it, mine was not cosmetic, but still having your body cut up for looks?! Anyway, they said I did great, and the baby did great, and as soon as I woke up they sent me home. Personally, considering my condition, I think they should have kept me in another day. I did what they said, and only had liquids. I threw that up, and continued to do so for the whole next day. I may have been able to keep a few spoonfuls of soup down in the begining, but everything else came right back up, medicine and all. It was very painful, to say the least. We went back to the ER and they put me on fluids and pain meds and anti-nausua meds, and sent me home with a perscription for the nausua medication (bless you!). I am still in a little pain, but being able to keep my food down really makes a difference. I am now looking forward to being able to eat things like pizza and hamburgers and frys, not over-doing it of course, I still have to watch my diet for my diabetes.

What I am looking forward to...

...August. A family trip to Bloomfield, and a trip to DC, with just my hubby! We have been saving for these trips and I am so excited to finally be able to go on them.

Also, we get to find out what we are having at the end of this month!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am sad today for a good friend. She lost her baby too soon. Only the Lord knows why. This is her second to return, before she got to know them on this earth, but the love she has for those little spirits lives strong. I know, and she knows, that she and her husband will be reunited one day and they will be able to raise them. It will be the sweetest reunion. You are wonderful Trish, the Spirit of God is with you, and He will guide you and comfort you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In other News

As you may recall I had made a New Years Resolution, at the beginning of the new year. That goal, was not only to get pregnant, but to have a baby, this year. I think I should have just made the goal to get pregnant, thinking back on it. I wanted to be healthy, and know what to expect, other than a baby. In March I found out I am prediabetic, so I joined the gym in April, and was trying to be religious about going. I was doing well, at least until I got sick with the stomach flu. That was the second week in May, and after three days of the yuckies, I still wasnt feeling well so I went to see the Doc. I was having quite a bit of stomach pain and The Doc ordered an ultrasound on my abdomen. I found out the cause of all the pain was from Gallstones! That made sense, and surgery seemed to be the only option, but from my research there were some symptoms that I was having that were not common for Gallstones. A few days later, I was out with my Mom and Sister and decided to stop and get a pregnancy test. My Sister decided I should take one at her house to see. I did and I am!! Great News! BUT, now what? Still in pain...

I talked to my Doc, and they said they can still do the surgery, but I need to see a Surgeon. The Surgeon said in the second trimester. My OB said between 12 and 24 weeks and had determined I was about 8 weeks.

Side note: My due date is Dec. 25th, Christmas Day! But We'll see. Due dates are subject to change.

I have my first ultrasound next friday, so we'll see if it changes any, if it does then that will extend the waiting period to get the gallbladder out.

Piece of advice: never say "How could it get any worse" in any situation, because it can, and it will. I'm proof of that!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not so good news, but not entirely bad

So my test results came back on the 2hr glucose test. I am borderline type 2 diabetic. My wonderful beautiful genes that have been passed on have also gave me this little ditty! Why it's not entirely bad news is that it's easily taken care of by diet and exercise. *I just have to get rid of the sweets hanging around the house (and not buy any more) and take up running (hmm) or some sort of exercise. Maybe I'll join a gym, maybe. Anyway, I just gotta do it, they'll be testing me every three months for a while to keep tabs.

*This reminds me of the story of Moses and the children of Israel. When they were bitten by snakes and all they had to do was look to be healed. All I have to do is watch what I eat and exercise, it seems so easy and yet I'm reluctant to do it. But I will, because I want to be here for my family and I don't want to be sick.