Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Dun It?

*The Suspects*

*The Crime*

*The Culprit*

*The Deduction*

Child #1: Could have done it but had no evidence to back up charges (no traces of chocolate on him)
Child #3: Had a solid alibi - she can't walk, and I was changing her diaper upstairs during the crime
Child #2: It really is obvious isn't it - he was caught red handed (or should I say chocolate handed), holding the bottle, drawing a "racecar track" (I just recently found that out) for his cars to drive on.

*The Remedy*

My new best friend!
This machine works great! It was a good investment, not only have we cleaned chocolate out of a couch, but lotion out of the carpet as well! I am sure that's not the last of it either, my stairs need cleaned as well. Now if I could just find someone willing to do them for me...

Yeah, I know, it's all me.
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candace said...

i love it!!!

meghannamarie said...

OHHH! Big trouble! I would have just turned the cushion over I don't have a handy cleaner thing like that!

trublubyu said...

oh, mechelle. that is crazy. i am sorry, but great picture. if you are gonna get chocolate on the new furniture, why not go all out.

i'll come and clean your stairs for you- let me know when you want me. (i'm serious!!!)

Life in the circus said...

very clever presentation, im impressed. good job solving the "crime"

Carolyn and Josh said...

I love the who-dun-it pictures! I feel your pain, Malia has taken to drawing on everythink lately. Including our love seat with ball point pen. Does your new best friend get that out?

lazyunder said...

mechelle, you are hilarious. it's funny to see poor little caleb crying because you ruined his racetrack

Diana said...

I love the way you posted this!

Looks like you are all having loads of fun!

Koi said...

Oh Chelle, I'm so glad you had your little cleaner thing. I want one of those big carpet cleaners for Christmas. Maybe I should look into getting one like yours first though. Both I'm sure would be equally fun.

TheRogersInUtah said...

Your children are adorable! I am so glad that you found me on facebook. How is everything going? Where are you living now?