Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Over at http://thepolka-dotdaisy/ Tanielle is having a give away, thought it would be fun to share. It's about none other than puke/barf/chunks/throw-up and any other synonym you can come up with. Your most embarrassing barf moment!

I have a good story. My first pregnancy was horrible, and I puked a lot. My story, however, is about my second. I was eating breakfast one morning, I don't remember how far along I was (maybe 3 months), but the milk from the cereal and my allergies were not a good combination for that particular morning, or any other for that matter. Anyhow, that combination sent me running to the nearest bathroom. I didn't make it. Puke everywhere, and to boot, I slipped in it and went straight back and hit my head. After about a day or so of severe headaches and nausea, I ended up in the ER, only to find out I had a minor concussion. I had to sit there for a few hours with a neck brace on, which didn't help matters any, because when I'm pregnant, I can't have things on or near my neck, it makes me feel like I'm gonna puke. After a month or so, I finally felt better, however that may be when you are prego!

With the first pregnancy I also went to the ER because I couldn't stop puking, couldn't keep anything down. That was not good either, but thank goodness for little pills like zofran. They allowed me to work, I was still nauseous, but they kept me from puking all the time.


"FINE"al thoughts... said...

I am so glad you are playing along. Don't you just love the Polka Dotted Daisy? Your story is so sad...puking and a concussion to boot...yuck!

Alisha said...

That's gross... :)

Tanielle said...

Oh my goodness! So sorry, that is a sad, and a little bit funny story. My hubby didn't believe me that I couldn't keep anything down until he witnessed me throwing up the dinner he had just paid for at Chili's...through the garage, and up the back deck stairs. He now gives me a little more sympathy, especially since he had to hose it all down!:-)

Thanks so much for playing along! Have a great Monday!