Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kaleb's Party

So on the 1st we threw a "boo"-day party for Kaleb's 3rd birthday. I am not the best party thrower/organizer, so aside from a bit of dissarray, I think it went pretty well. Kaleb, most of all had a lot of fun. We invited families to come dressed up in their halloween garb and come and ride the lingering wave of the sugar high. We had pizza, cupcakes, and watched the b-day boy open his presents. We made masks and enjoyed eachothers company. Thanks to all who came and made this day great for Kaleb.
The Guests

The b-day boy and the cupcake tower

Opening the gifts

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Life in the circus said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Kaleb! Enjoy being 3!

candace said...

CANNOT believe he's 3. the last time i saw you was when he was born. SAD. but happiest of third birthdays, kaleb!

lazyunder said...

is kable han solo?! if he is that is really awesome. if not i proboblaly won't respond to your blog till the next time i am on nights at the plant and have nothing else to do. by the way, nice fanny pack, john


Mechelle said...

funny stuff marc. He's a pirate. so because he's not han solo, you aren't going to respond to any more of my posts? so what do you have against little boys dressed as anything other than Han Solo?

Love you Bro :)

bnsnyder said...

Happy Birthday Kaleb!! I think the best part of this blog is your rollers Mechelle! SO HOT!