Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Construction of a Wedding Cake

Two weekends ago I went up to Snowflake, AZ to make a wedding cake for my sisters friend. It was not an easy thing to do. We had forgotten the cake rounds, so we had to search Showlow for some. We had already traveled near to four hours to get to my Aunts house in Taylor, and then we spent over an hour just looking for a place that sold the rounds. When we finally found some we rushed back and started baking. I was already tired from traveling, but I had to get the cake baked because there wouldn't be enough time the next day. That was reserved for doing the brides hair, and decorating the cake.

So here is the process, collaged, of the construction of her cake. Thanks to Nat for the pics of the process.

I only wished that I had more time, a cake stand, and maybe a little more licence to use flowers or something to pretty it up a little more. The bride is very simplistic. So this is what I was able to do in the time I had.
It was a three tiers, two chocolate, one vanilla. The filling was Strawberry preserves mixed with marshmallow cream and cool whip. It turned out really yummy!
What do you think?

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Life in the circus said...

I think its gorgeous Chelle! You did a fabulous job and even if you didn't get any thank yous, I'll thank you for all your hard work on every thing you've done for me. Thanks, you're awesome!

candace said...

it's gorgeous--i love the simplicity! i really loved auralee's, too. you're so talented! <3

trublubyu said...

so beautiful! wedding cakes are huge undertakings (coming from a daughter of a wedding cake maker) and a huge investment for you to build up supplies.

it looks like you did an amazing job.

was the bride pleased?

Mechelle said...

I believe she did like it, which is a plus. :)

briannewalsh said...

it looks shiny like a pearl. how did you manage that? it's beautiful

NL* said...

It's awesome!
simply but yummy, and I think it's perfect