Thursday, January 7, 2010

New years Resolution

have thought
Long and hard about
What my New Years Resolution
should be.
Wanted it to be
I could accomplish,
that would be a challenge.
My goal?
you may ask...
Is to have another baby!
I'm not pregnant.
But I hope to be byFebruary.
is this a challenge?
If you know my history
and have read my blog
you will know
my last was not easy, in fact it was a rollercoaster of emotion and tri-weekly dr.s appointments, and scares that the baby might not make it. The Doctor says it could be different this time, but I'm not banking on it. I think it will be worse.
Why, then do it again?
Well, it's hard to explain.
But I just feel, like there is one more baby out there for me.
I feel so strongly about it, that I tear up just typing this.
I know the dangers of what "could" happen,
and they are very real dangers.
I am willing
to go through it all,
(just one more time)
because I know,
even if I lose the baby on the way,
this is the right thing to do.
Wish us luck,
and a few prayers wouldn't hurt either.
Happy New Year!


CANDACE said...

luck & prayers! we love you & your babies!

briannewalsh said...

i think you're crazy, but i know your doing the right thing. i love you. i will pray for you. :)

Momma Nut said...

How exciting and brave of you! I lost a baby when I was five months pregnant with her and can tell you that I definitely do not regret that journey, short-lived though it was. We went on to have another one and she is the joy of our family. If you feel like it's the right thing to do to have another baby than it is. Prayers and well wishes being sent your way! (Trish)

Burton Family said...

Go for it...that is faith! And you know because of how scary it is for you, that if you feel it is right to have another one, it is the Spirit telling you. Good things will come you're'll never regret that!

Sandi and Curtis said...

Good luck! I lost a baby at 20 weeks. Went to have 2 more babies after that. Lots of Faith and a blessing works Miracles!

Big Dreamer said...

Good luck with the baby! I am praying and wishing for you and your family the best!