Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been Tagged

Here goes nuttin'

8 T.V. Shows I Love To Watch

1. Heroes
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Supernanny
4. Ace of Cakes
5. Glenn Beck
6. Dancing with the Stars
7. America's Got Talent
8. American Idol

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. Watched Conference
2. Went to In-Laws
3. Ate roast and potatoes
4. Visited with Family
5. Came home
6. Watched Pocahantes
7. Ate popcorn
8. Rocked my daughter to sleep (twice)

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Ramano's Macaroni Grill
2. Chili's
3. Gardunios
4. Wildflower Bread Company
5. El Paso BBQ Co.
6. Panda Express
7. Chipoltle
8. Claim Jumper

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Spending time with my family
2. Going to Luna
3. Having my Hubby home
4. Having our house paid off
5. Bedtime
6. Going to the temple (and having one just a little closer!)
7. Girls' night out
8. Getting our Family Pictures taken

8 Things on My Wish List

1. A sink in my laundry room
2. A soft water system
3. A weekly massage
4. To loose my baby fat
5. To have zero debt
6. To take the whole family to Disney Land
7. To help my parents make-over their house
8. To be a "have-it-together mom"

8 People I tag (in case you don't know what "tagged" means it indicates that you will post a blog with your own list of all these '8 things':

1. Carla
2. Candace
3. Brianne
4. Alisha
5. Nadine
6. Koe
7. Stephanie
8. Carolyn

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Trish said...

Hey, Mechelle with an "E" (I fixed that on my blog, by the way. Sorry. My sister, Mandee's, middle name is Mechelle and I remember everyone always commenting on the different spelling of the two e's, so that's where the assumption that your's had an "i" came from. ) Anyways, you're a pretty great mom, I bet, and I think you probably do have it all together...thanks for playing along!