Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Picture time!

Well here they are!
They turned out okay, considering the craziness the photographer had to deal with, but she seemed well equipped. These are some I was able to download from their site so they may be hard to see clearly, they are low resolution. They are good enough for me!

Here are the boys in the autumn themed background, aren't they cute!

I love this one of all three.

This shows a little of their playfulness.
(Zach is stepping on Kaleb's foot)
We have to go back again for Raeleigh, she didn't want to cooperate. She really had had enough by the time we got to her individual pics. So hopefully soon I'll have some cute pics of her to post.
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trublubyu said...

cute pics. who did them? it's always a challenge to get everyone to cooperate, isn't it?

Mechelle said...

JCPennys, Lifetouch studio. We got the membership and coupons are great, so its not super expensive.

And yes its so hard to get everyone to cooperate.

carolyn said...

They did turn out well, everyone is even looking. Yeah1 Family pictures always make me anxious, we have ours today! I hope we do as well as you all did!

Alisha said...

They are very cute. Good job!

briannewalsh said...

i love your kids. they are deffinately crazy, but so much fun when they're in a good mood. :) i can't wait to see all of you. six weeks!!!

candace said...

love them! esp. the family one on the bottom right. your children are gorgeous, btw. beautiful family. <3

Koi said...

Oh Chelle those are cute! Your boys are crackin' me up still right now. You can definitely tell that you got your hands full. Brothers sure are fun though.