Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House part I

This is the house we found. Now mind you, these pics are of the model, so basic structure is the same minus a few details.
This is the front and back of the house.

The house we want is not landscaped, and does not have the balcony. It's nice to see the potential though.

This is the entry and front room and formal dining area and stairs.

Again, ours is more basic. The door is wood, the banister is all wood, and where you see wood flooring it's all tiled and there isn't an entry into the den like you see in the upper left pic.

This is the Kitchen!

Isn't it great! All that space, The color of the cabinets is different, just some basic stuff is different, but I love it!

This is the family room.

Its adjacent to the kitchen.
Hold your horses! There's more to come!
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Alisha said...

it's so huge I can't even believe it. The boys will tired themselves out going up and down those two staircases... maybe that was your plan all along.

Mechelle said...

Room to grow and play! And get all that energy out, we are gonna get a dog too.

briannewalsh said...

i'm so excited for you! it is huge. what kind of dog are you getting?

Mechelle said...

maybe a Lab golden or chocolate, not sure yet