Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House part III

This is the den.
It will be my salon, but a few changes must be made first. In the house we are looking to buy it doesn't have a door or entry into the main part of the house like it does in the model. The only entry is by the laundry room, which is reached by walking through the entire lower level. I don't really like that, so as soon as we can we will be putting a door in.
There are a few things that are not our style, but they are things that can be fixed. Eventually. But definitely things we can live with.
We are going to sign papers today! Wish us luck!


Alisha said...

Where is it?

Mechelle said...

Litchfield Park. On the NE corner of Jackrabbit Trail and Camelback. We'll be out there, but it's nice and we have space and room to grow, and we will not be moving again!

trublubyu said...

wowee! that is beautiful. is the house completed? was it a spec? how big is your lot?

so fun.

briannewalsh said...

it's a beautiful house. why would you want to move?