Friday, September 25, 2009

Lets Eat!

During our week long stay with my Grandparents, we did many things and among those things, we ate! Here are some of the things my kids enjoyed eating:
My oldest enjoyed the cherries. My baby enjoyed her whole tomato, and peach. She was so cute, she wanted to get in on the action of making fresh salsa, but decided she had better take a few bites out of a few tomatoes before they were added in to something that was to hot for her to eat. She calls anything round a ball, including food. She climbed up on the table, reaching for the tomato, or the peach, saying "ball, ball!" Then supprised us all by taking a huge bite out of the tomato and continued to eat it.
I got very lucky, my kids love their fruits and veggies.
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briannewalsh said...

i love those kids! so cute!

Life in the circus said...

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? Eating is an art!

love my family said...

eating. one of my favorite things to do and it shows LOL

Alisha said...

She is adorable! I love the faces she is making in these pictures. Cute kids sister.