Friday, September 25, 2009

Reunioning Fuentes Style

One of my favorite times of the year are family reunions. I love seeing all of our extended family. The Fuentes Family Reunion is held every summer, usually the first weekend of August, but it was moved to the weekend of the 18th of July because of the early start of school where we live. This reunion is my Grandmother's Father's side of the family. It is held at the Head of the Ditch in Luna.
Here are a few pics, I needed to get more of everyone else, but we got there just in time to eat. Then it started raining, during the family auction, and we couldn't hear a thing. So we went to my Grandparents house to let the kids run and have fun.
I love my family!
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love my family said...

i love my family too!! it was sure great to be there and spend time with everyone

Alisha said...

Love you! I'm so glad all the sisters got to be together this year!