Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anti E WHAT?!?

So yesterday was my first ultrasound, and the baby looked great, it even jumped a little for us, and the heart beat looked good too. During the Dr. appt my dr. pretty much just followed up on all the tests and blood work that was done. Everything looks great except that I have low traces of the Rh E antibody otherwise known as anti-E. Anti WHAT? I had never heard of such a thing, apparently because my Rh is positive (blood type B+) it is very rare. You can only get it through a blood transfusion or from your baby during the birthing process. It happens when your blood crosses. Since I have low levels of this thing it should be ok, but if the levels get higher it could be very dangerous for the baby, because the antibobies will start attacking the babies blood and the baby will have to have an inutero blood transfusion. The only way to know if the baby is safe or in danger is to do monthly blood tests, and more frequent ultrasounds and possibly do an amniotic fluid test. It is all a bit crazy, I tend to get weird things when I'm pregnant, I guess I also have a tilted uterus, but that should correct itself by the end of the first trimester and if it doesn't then it could cause complications at delivery. Then there's the old gestational diabetes, which I have had every pregnancy, and the toxemia which I had with my first, and could possibly get with following pregnancies. So yeah, I don't know what to think. My thoughts already have led me to think that by blood could kill my unborn child, and that is really heart breaking. Anyway pray for me and my baby and hope that God lets me keep this baby, healthy and happy.


truschke said...

Scary Chelle! I'm sure everything will be fine though. I can't believe people used to deliver babies out on prairies and in cabins. I'm so glad I was born into a time where we have so much technology available to benifit us and our unborn babies.

Koe said...

Hey, I tagged you so check out my blog to find out more. Michelle Crockett tagged me. She has a blog now too. I have her link on my blog if you want to check hers out.
Hope your feeling well.