Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tag You're It!!

Well lets see, list six things about myself...
...this could be really hard but I'll give it a shot.

cleaning If I could hire a maid I would, call me lazy if you want, I don't care, but I really despise cleaning... Why you ask, well I think mostly because my two beautiful and busy boys destroy everything as soon as I clean it, so why do it at all? Don't get me wrong I do clean, it just doesn't stay that way for long.

eating If I could eat out every day I think I would be set for life, not at fast food, but at sit down restaurants. I love to eat out, it just feels nice not to cook and the food is usually fantastic! and I always have leftovers for lunch the next day. I do like to cook, although with two boys under my feet it kinda takes away from the joy I used to get from it. You see I don't like to cook simple meals, I like to cook gourmet, with all the seasoning and spices, on a low budget mind you. I think I would love to go to culinary school, but not anytime soon.

sleeping oh how I love my sleep, If only my boys would love it as much as I. *sigh* I am a person who needs at least eight hours of sleep, or else I am one grumpy momma who sits around all day and has no fun and doesn't want to do anything... now that's no fun is it?

hobbies I have too many hobbies. I like to scrapbook, I have way too much stuff, and not enough time. I like to bead, you know make jewelry, and again too much stuff and not enough time, and I usually give all the stuff I make away so I have nothing to show for it but the stuff to ugly to give. I bake and decorate cakes, but I only do it on special occasions. My siblings are lucky I got married first, because I bought all the stuff for my own cake, and in turn made all of their cakes for their receptions. I like to sew, but I only drag out the machine when necessary, like to hem the missionaries pants and help my sister with her girls costumes and blessing dresses. I do like to cut hair, but it has become more necessity than hobby, but I still enjoy it as long as the person isn't to demanding or indecisive.

movies I love love love to go out to see good movies in the theater. I also love to build my personal family theater. One of our friends calls us blockbuster because we have so many movies and I am always buying more. They like to come and borrow movies from us, maybe I should start charging :P. I think if I were to have a vice buying movies would be it.

family I love my family. I love going home to visit my parents, I love going to visit my brothers and sisters, and I wish I could visit those that live the furthest away that I haven't gotten to . Right now the only reason we travel is for reunions and baby blessings, which isn't too bad. Someday I'll be able to visit those without children, before they move again.

OK I think that's it, I would tag someone else if I had anyone to tag that hadn't already been tagged.

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Koe said...

Good job Chelle! I love my family too, I just hate to travel to see them. Jarred loves to travel though. Sad for him. How's the Pregnancy lately?