Thursday, March 20, 2008

here I am again

this is me once again @ about 7 months.

I am a bit bigger now @ 8 months, and very uncomfortable
as you all can imagine. I am starting to swell in my legs and
feet and hands and my face. Not fun! But at least I only
have one month left! Along with that comes the weekly nst's,
ultrasounds and doctors visits, which aren't so bad except the
fact that it takes me 30 min just to get there and I have to
find a babysitter for each visit, and gas prices have once again
gone above $3. But once I'm there it's nice to sit and relax for
a little bit without the boys.

1 comment:

felicia said...

you're such a cute pregnant lady! and the pics of your boys make me laugh....and glad to see that all boys are pretty much the same-MESSY!