Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Joys of Parenting

Kaleb got into my makeup (With a little help from Zach, I'm sure)
he really didn't like me taking his picture, he screamed the whole time
this was the very next day, the boys found my markers and thought
it would be fun to use Kalebs legs as a canvas.
This is what they do to each other, in this case what is done to Kaleb.
I have to have locks on my refrigerator and pantry so they don't go "hog wild"
with the food. It happens all the time now that the refrigerator lock is broken.
I'll be doing someones hair in the other room assuming that they are occupied
with a cartoon and the snacks and drinks I have given them, only to come in
and discover that Zachery has gotten into the refrigerator and pulled food out.
It would be ok if he just ate it, but he chews it up and spits it out, or in one case
he opened up a yogurt and flinged it all over the walls, and smeared it into
the couch cushions! AARGH!!! He is notorious for crushing his crackers and
cookies all over the carpet, and spitting his grape juice or milk all over Kalebs'
head and the walls and furniture and tv. Thankfully we as parents learn
our lessons and try to not give him things that encourage such behavior, but
what do you do when you ask him WHY he did it in the first place, and he
tells you "because I was mad at you". What did I do to make him mad? Is
it because I am doing hair, and not right there with him? I have been doing
hair at home since he was born, and he is now expressing his dislike for this?
I hope he can appreciate me more when I stop doing hair for the next
couple of months and we can work something out. He is almost 4, and I
sure wish he could behave a little better and be a good example for his brother.
I can't blame it all on him, after all, he is just a kid, and I could be a better mom.


candace said...

should we feel bad for laughing at those pictures? because we totally did. :/ hopefully he'll find it funny when he's older!

Koi said...

I can totally see my Simon doing the same thing. Oliver's my angel and thinks make-up is gross. Hopefully your little girl will come along and straighten her brothers out.
It was so nice to see you Saturday and finally meet John. Thanks for coming. I'll see you this Saturday. Wow, two weekends in a row!