Thursday, March 6, 2008


So this is what I learned today at the specialist. The anti E is still to low to worry about, and the doctor is confident that it will stay that way for the rest of my pregnancy. But, there still is a chance that it could get out of controll, so with that said, he'll let my doctor handle all the blood tests and ultrasounds and such and if it gets out of controll then I'll come back to him. So yay! I guess. He was way more concerned about my gestational diabetes, he firmly believes that I have type 2 diabetes, because we tested two months early and the results came back high. He thinks that if they would have tested at 19 weeks, it still would have been high and they would have been able to diagnose me with type 2, but they tested too late and now I have to get tested after I have the baby. He said a hemoglobin A1c test isn't good enough, but that I need to have a glucose screening test done. Then he sent us off to their nutritionist and she set me up with a set diet plan, which I have to report every friday. I have to write down the exact amounts of everything I eat and drink, for all my meals and snacks. Talk about a headache! The funny thing is, is that I have small babies, so it makes me wonder if I didn't have diabetes, how small would they be? Normally the babies come out large and swollen, but not mine, they come out small. Funny, huh. My doctor attributes that to how well I controll my diet... well should I not so they come out a little bigger? So anyways, the fun is not over yet, I still have to get my blood tested regularly, and we don't know what the result is from the test they did on monday, so we'll see (for the antibody). And I can look forward to an awefull remaining two months of my pregnancy, of a strict diet, and possible insulin shots. So I guess you could say we got good news and bad news... And I believe the many many prayers have been the cause of the good news! Thank you All!!


OK Broderick said...

Golly girl you just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to pregnancy can you? I hope things get better from here out my word. Well you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Joe says to say hi to Bier-dog for him:) Alethia:)

felicia said...

you're in our thoughts and prayers! hope you're feeling great:)